Another east side fire ruled as arson

Residents concerned by growing number of suspicious fires in empty buildings


San Antonio fire investigators have ruled an overnight fire in the 400 block of Robeson as arson.

Flames broke out at the vacant home late Monday night. It was the seventh reported suspicious fire in the area.

Shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Monday, several calls were made to 911 to report a fire at a vacant home on Yucca Street at Robeson.

The growing number of suspicious fires on the east side is causing concern among residents, but fire investigators said any link between the fires is under investigation.

"My house has a vacant house right next door to it, so what's going to be next? Is it going to be my house that's going to be on fire? I can't afford that," Oscar Dilworth said.

Dilworth and others want police to keep a close eye on their neighborhood, because they're convinced there's a fire bug working in the area.

"Last night, it happened in an instant. It happened within 15 minutes. Cops are usually up and down this street during the daytime, but at night, they're not around," Dilworth said.

One reason residents are concerned is that there are so many vacant homes on the east side. They also worry that a fire in an empty home could spread to a house with a family inside.

"You don't know when they're going to strike again, and what hour of the night, so we don't know if to be prepared or not," Anna Gonzales said.

"You can't go to sleep without wondering if your house is going to be next on the list," Dilworth said.

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