KSAT's Steve Browne asks if 'gray water' is safe

Researchers looking for ways to reuse 'gray water'


With water being such a resource, especially in a drought, researchers at Texas A&M are looking into ways that gray water can be reused.

Black water from sinks and toilets unquestionably goes down the drain and into the sewer but gray water is a different deal.

By definition gray water is soapy water which can be recycled.

"The typical household can produce anywhere from 90-100 gallons of water per day just basically from washing machines and showers," Dr. Raul Cabrera said. 

The one question that has been brought up: does gray water contain extra chemicals that can harm plants over a long period of time?

Dr. Cabrera's research will hopefully answer that question in full detail.

Research over the past couple of weeks shows the plants seem to be thriving on gray water.