Man lashes out at news crews covering garage fire

Arson investigators are looking into the cause of the fire on Falcon's Nest

A fire and a fiery temper flared on the Northeast side as a man who lives in the home lashed out in anger at news crews that were covering the incident Tuesday morning.

Firefighters arrived at the home in the 12800 block of Falcon's Nest shortly before 7 a.m. and found thick smoke pouring from the garage, according to Capt. Chuck Anz, with the San Antonio Fire Department.

"We were able to go in, make sure a primary search was conducted, everybody was out of the house," Anz said. "The house had a little smoke damage. As you can see, the garage had heavy smoke damage and very little fire damage."

Anz said fire crews knocked down the flames within minutes.

However, he said, they could not determine the cause and called in the arson squad to investigate.

This appeared to agitate the man who lives in the home. He lashed out at news crews that were there to cover the fire by making obscene gestures with his hands.

When arson investigators began questioning him, the man became visibly enraged and stormed off.

Investigators, though, ordered him to come back and continued questioning him.

One neighbor said the resident was renting the home and had recently been evicted.

Another man who lives nearby, Louis Tidmore, said he saw smoke, then heard what sounded like fireworks exploding inside the garage.

"In my backyard, I've got a big bottle rocket. That's what I thought it might've been too. But I never saw any bottle rocket light flashing," Tidmore said.

Anz refused to comment on whether there were any fireworks in the home, and deferred questions to the arson squad.

As of noon, there was no additional information released about the fire and no word on what caused it.

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