More UFO sightings along Eagle Ford

Expert: Most objects not visitors from other planet

A security camera at an oil rig near Cotulla caught an image of an unidentified flying object.
A security camera at an oil rig near Cotulla caught an image of an unidentified flying object.

The oil boom across the Eagle Ford Shale is creating another kind of boom: more and more UFO sightings seem to be happening across the big sky of South Texas.

A security camera at an oil rig near Cotulla caught an image of something that appeared to be a unidentified flying object.

An oil rig worker caught something on his cell phone that he didn't recognize.

A rancher witnessed lights darting across the sky over and oil rig about 3 miles from her home near Artesian Wells.

"We knew it was something beyond our expectations, something we could not explain," said Penny Farrell.

Mufon, the Mutual UFO Network, has been busy investigating the sightings.

"I won't argue with the fact that, yeah, we are seeing a lot," said David MacDonald, Executive Director of MUFON.

The MUFON headquaarters is taking in 850 calls a month world wide, according to MacDonald, keeping their 900 field investigators busy checking out possible sightings like the photo from the security camera.

After an investigation into the photo, MacDonald confirmed what the investigators found.

"They have determined it's not a craft at all," MacDonald said.

It turned out to be a vehicle.

"We were all disappointed. We all want to believe, but you've got to follow the evidence. That's all we've got," MacDonald said.

That evidence is good for about 90 percent of the sightings. Then, there are the ones that can't be explained.

"About 10 percent of them, those are the ones that will make your eyes roll around and around in your head we cant figure it out," MacDonald said.

Penny Farrell may have seen one of those on a clear night back in November.

"They started blinking one two three like bing, bing bing, bing, bing, bing." Farrell said.

Farrell and her husband saw those lights from their back porch go back and forth for several minutes before taking off into the sky, no pictures but a vivid memory.

"When it shot up into the heavens, it was just like a blink of an eye, boom it was up there," Farrell said.

Farrell is aware there will be doubters.

"I know what I saw - it was there. If you were here and saw it like we saw it, sat here and marveled over what was happening up there in the sky then you would say, 'That's a UFO,'" Farrell said.

Farrell's only hope and dream now is to see it again, enjoy the view and, next time, catch it on camera.

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