New Braunfels boy missing 2 years

Family of Joshua Davis Jr. marks somber anniversary with prayers, balloon release

Sabrina Benitez & Joshua Davis, Sr., attend a memorial for their son who disappeared two years ago.
Sabrina Benitez & Joshua Davis, Sr., attend a memorial for their son who disappeared two years ago.

Benitez and Josh Davis Senior have been waiting to be reunited with their son for 2 years.

Joshua Davis Junior was just 18-months-old when he virtually vanished into thin air from his parent's New Braunfels mobile home on February 4, 2011.

Despite no signs of the boy ever being found by investigators, Benitez refuses to give up hope.

"Until they come to me with something else I believe my son's alive," Benitez said. "I believe we'll all be together as a family again."

A massive search effort in the days following the toddler's disappearance turned up nothing in the fields around the family's rural home. New Braunfels Police said they're no closer to finding the boy or solving the case.

Investigators said there were 9 people in the mobile home the night Joshua disappeared. Investigators said some of those friends and family members have not been cooperative.

"I believe there are people who aren't cooperating but I can stand here and say that me and Josh, we've cooperated 100 percent," Benitez said.

Tired of being considered suspects by some in the community, Josh Davis, Sr., said they've done everything that's been asked of them by police.

"I've cooperated, Sabrina's cooperated," Davis said. "Every time they've called us in, we've went down there."

Because so much time has passed, it's likely Joshua Davis looks nothing like his picture on the missing person flyer that's been circulated for the past 2 years. In fact, Kate Shields, Executive Director of the Heidi Search Center said the boy probably looks an awful lot like his younger brother.

Shields said the two boys looked nearly identical as babies and she believes Josh's physical progression may be similar to the younger brother he's never met.

"You know Joshua's face could look much like (his brother) now which is of course looks very much like his mother," Shields said adding they are working to get an updated picture of Joshua on flyers using age progression.

As the family continues its search for answers, they pray little Joshua will find his way home and make their family whole again. 

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