Daycare abruptly shuts doors, parents outraged

Owners deny wrongdoing, involvement


Some San Antonio parents got quite the surprise this week, after trying to drop their kids off at a Northwest side daycare, and finding the center had closed its doors without warning.

According to an employee who wished to remain nameless, The Loving Christian Daycare Center, in the 5200 block of Fredericksburg Rd, was still accepting payments this week and had enrolled 12 children on Monday.

The owners, Robert and Barbara Newby, also run another daycare of the same name on the 4200 block of Sun Shadow, but denied being affiliated with the Northwest location when questioned by KSAT 12 News.

"We are not affiliated with that daycare," the operator told us. "We've been getting calls about the closing all day, but people have the wrong location."

Despite the operator's claim, a search of the state's Department of Family and Protective Services website shows the two locations are indeed owned by the Newbys, and the closed location was cited for 43 deficiencies on a recent inspection. The Sun Shadow location was cited for 44 deficiencies.

"The owners knew full well they were going to shut down," the employee said. "The Newbys did a poor job of running both locations. They should not be in the daycare business."

The anonymous employee also said employees were instructed not to refund payments to parents, many of which are low-income and rely on government assistance.

"It's very unprofessional," said Jessica Hernandez, a parent whose son attended the daycare. "Basically, they didn't tell me what was going on. They didn't tell me why they were shutting down. Regardless if there was a problem with the girls, regardless if there was a problem with the facility, or whatever. They were just telling me, 'Sorry.'  That's all they were telling me."

Hernandez said she had prepaid a $45 fee for the month of February.

As for the daycare's staff, the anonymous employee said many are still awaiting payment for time already worked.

The employee also said the state was unaware of the daycare's closing, and had plans to meet with the owners on Monday, to get the violations sorted out. KSAT 12 was unable to confirm if that meeting ever took place.

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