Save Texas Schools work to fix school funding

Group hopes Legislature will add to school budgets


Some parents and teachers still outraged over the move in the last legislative session to cut funding to schools, met in San Antonio on Friday.

Save Texas Schools is hoping to that lawmakers will hear them out now that they are back in session.

At Friday's meeting, Northside Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods addressed parents, teacher and community members about the success of students and the funding that is needed for that success.

He said it is imperative that Texas schools get the funding back that was cut in the last legislative session.

A recent ruling by a state district judge, declaring that the state school finance system is unconstitutional, Woods said it's a start.

"We got a very clear ruling from a state district judge that our system is unconstitutional," said Woods. "That it does not work for the 5 million children in our state. That is coupled with the fact that we actually have a budget surplus running in our state right now. So, in my mind when you put those two things together, there's a real opportunity to go back and correct some of the wrong."

Columba Wilson said her grandson is a special needs child and with all the cuts to school funding over the years, there's just not enough money to address the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

"So, the police comes because a child misbehaves, but they don't have a behavior specialist working with kids," said Wilson. "That's because the schools don't have enough money."

Save Texas Schools are hoping that lawmakers will hear what they have to say, coming up at a rally in Austin.

The group is organizing a rally on March at the State Capitol on February 23rd.

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