Thief caught on tape stealing POW-MIA flag

American flag left behind during crime

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Residents in the Woodridge Village subdivision were outraged Friday morning when they found out a thief had stolen the POW-MIA flag that hung from a pole in front of the neighborhood.

"This is the symbol for those who have paid the ultimate price," said Woodridge Village Homeowners Association President Chris Galloway. "For someone to come along and take that flag makes no sense to me."

Surveillance footage taken by a camera near the entrance shows the thief pacing back and forth for several minutes. He moves toward the flag pole a few times only to be scared off by drivers passing by.

Once he got an opening he lowered the flag, cut the cords, and took off with the flag. He left an American flag hanging above the POW-MIA flag behind.

"I think it's almost like spitting on your country," said Galloway.

Friday afternoon, Galloway and another resident hung up a new flag. The subdivision includes several families with military ties. A military man himself, Galloway said it was his duty to replace the flag as soon as possible.

"This is saying, ‘Hey we're not going to be defeated. We're going to put the flag back up.' It represents a symbol of the United States."

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