Wounded Warriors receive VIP treatment at SA Rodeo

Veterans receive free steak dinner, front row seat to Toby Keith concert

Juicy steak. Roasted red potatoes. Mouthwatering peach cobbler.

They're essentials for a meal that is fit for a cowboy, but on Saturday night it was hundreds of service men and women who were treated to the delicious dinner.

As part of the Rodeo Star Experience, veterans with the Wounded Warrior Project received a free steak dinner and a front row seat to the Toby Keith concert as a thank you for their service.

"It means everything for us," said Brandon Tennery, a sergeant in the Army. "It means we're appreciated still. There's people out there willing to still help us. We're not forgotten."

For the last several years, wounded vets have been treated to the Rodeo Star Experience during the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. The $200 VIP ticket gives the veterans access to the best activities the rodeo has to offer.

This is the third year that KCI, a local medical company that works closely with wounded soldiers, has purchased the tickets.

"It's our way of thanking them for all that they've done," said KCI Senior V.P. of Operations David Ball. "We do this for patients all around the world, but particularly for our wounded veterans we see the ability to help them work back into the workforce and recover."

Each Wounded Warrior received a free cowboy hat, belt buckle, rodeo shirt, and steak dinner.

They were also able to be front row "in the dirt" seats for the Toby Keith concert.

"I've never been to a rodeo," said Kevin Sitkowski. "But I like Toby Keith, so I'm excited for all of it."