TxDOT to expand Highway 281 in Comal County

Highway expanded from 2-lane to 4-lane near Blanco County Line


SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Department of Transportation has begun another traffic relief project along Highway 281 in northern Comal County.

"We are taking a two-lane highway and turning it into four-lane divided highway," said Josh Donat, a TxDOT spokesman.

The construction starts at River Crossing right at the Guadalupe River and goes approximately six miles to the Blanco County line.

"It's time. It's too dangerous. (They) need to get this thing widened out," said Kenneth Bell, who lives in the county and owns a business along that stretch of 281.

The increase in traffic due to growth in the area has prompted the expansion and the fact that many drivers like to use the highway as an alternative to Interstate 35.

"I used to go to school in Austin and would always come back this way because I-35 was a nightmare," said Stephanie Asvestas, who lives in San Antonio and has clients in Comal County.

Safety is also an issue.

"They have had some wrecks on this road it will be better once it's done," Bell said.

It could also be a lift to the local economy.

"(I) think it's a great deal for everyone," said Rick Hassan, the general manager of the Spring Branch Store on Highway 281. "Expansion of the roads,infrastructure, is great."

Drivers will also like to know that, unlike other road construction projects, this one should cause few problems. 

Since they are building two new lanes, the current lanes will continue to be used.

"You'll have some small moments where you'll see major impacts, but overall, you're not going to a have lot of headaches, traffic-wise, caused by the construction, " Donat said.

The cost of the project is just over $3 million.

The work is scheduled to be complete in 2015.

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