KSAT Ball Hog Blog NBA midseason recap Part 1: LeBron's dominance, Lakers mess

James Harden and the new look Rockets make their first visit to San Antonio on Nov. 30. Picture Courtesy: Reuters
James Harden and the new look Rockets make their first visit to San Antonio on Nov. 30. Picture Courtesy: Reuters

Football season is over and while this is mostly terrible and depressing news, there are some positives.

1. No more Ray Lewis. 2. No more Ray Lewis. 3. No more Ray Lewis and Manti Teo. Awesome.

Another positive is now we can start paying attention to the NBA because the season actually started a few months ago. Who knew? Time to recap!

We'll get the East out of the way because it's been so bad to watch, I want to burn the memory from my brain all together.

It's basically the Heat and then everyone else, and as long as LeBron is in his current beast mode, no one in the conference stands a chance.

Check out James' ridiculous stat line this season: 27 PPG, 7 APG, 8 RPG, 56 FG, 42 3P, but a measly 74 FT? C'mon Bron! Get it together man.

The Heat likely wont be tested at until the East Finals when Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis or even worse Shane Battier will bury ten 3-pointers a game.

So who could possibly steal a game from Miami? We could always count on a good Celtics-Heat series, but no Rondo means no shot for Bean Town. And no Celtics fans, your backcourt is not better with Avery Bradley and Jeff Green.

The Nets were decent for a while, then aliens abducted Deron Williams' game. 16 PPG, 7 APG...really D-Will? Can't blame that on Avery Johnson.

Brooklyn's big off-season acquisitions, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace, make a combined $30 mil and average 27 PPG.

At least their new arena is nice and that Kris Humphries is getting a step kid thanks to Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

What about the Pacers? Meh. The Hawks? Blah. The Sixers? Ugh. Except Bynum's hair, which has been spectacular.

Who's left? The Bulls could get better when Derrick Rose returns if that even happens this season. Remember when Chicago had a healthy D-Rose? They lost 4-1 in the East Finals to a weaker Heat squad.

That leaves the surprisingly entertaining New York Knicks.

Carmelo has stepped up his game (29 PPG, 6 RPG) despite being spied on by the team owner. Chandler is a defensive force. They have nice depth with Kidd, Amare and Felton.

That JR Smith is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I love this dude. He reverse dunks, takes and makes wild 3s and air balls free throws.

Fearless East prediction: Heat and LeBron obliterate the Knicks in the ECF, but at least we get to see Spike Lee look ridiculous. Maybe Jeff Van Gundy jumps on a leg and tries to stop a fight. On to the West.

I'll get to the Spurs, who have had a fun season on and off the court, in Part 2. (Please don't click away, thanks) But first, the dumpster fire that is the Lakers.

I actually feel bad for Kobe. Not really, this is hilarious. Remember when everyone was scared of these guys with Nash and Howard? They'll be lucky to sniff the playoffs.

Nash is terrible on defense and lost on offense. Howard doesn't care enough and Kobe cares way too much, and Gasol actually got a nice break from the circus by getting hurt.

Metta World Peace is the most stable Laker this season, and how can that ever be a good thing?

There's Mike D'Antoni who has never won a big series, and somehow made the Lakers so bad on defense, you forget Kobe, Howard and Metta were once really good defenders.

How does this end for the Lakers? I hope terribly, but knowing their luck and history, they will probably trade Gasol for LaMarcus Aldridge and win the West. Ugh.

Now the Wildcard West teams: Golden State, Denver and Houston. To be clear, these three have no shot to win the West, but are extremely fun to watch.

First Golden State. Steph Curry's paper ankles have held up nicely. David Lee is a double-double machine again and Klay Thompson is a legit scorer. Andrew Bogut is back and the Warriors have a nice mix of glue guys with Landry, Barnes and Jack. They also have a guy named Festus Ezeli. FESTUS EZELI EVERYONE!     

Similar story with Denver. Lots of athletic guys (Lawson, Galinari. Igoudala, Brewer) who can score and fly on the court, plus a great nickname and all-time hustle guy, Kenneth "The Manimal" Faried.

There's also the crazy and freakishly talented JaVale McGee, who is a blessing to the NBA. Google him and you will be filled with hours of endless entertainment.

But the most intriguing of the bunch? The Rockets. Clutch City finally has a clutch guy again in James Harden.

The Beard has been a beast (26 PPG, 5 APG, 5 RPG), but Houston has five more guys who average double figures and even some dude named Jeremy Lin is having a nice season.

This group is learning to play together and will only get better. Imagine Houston or the Lakers as 7 and 8 seeds in the West? Madness.

That's it for Part 1. Friday's Part 2 will focus on the West contenders, and include me inserting my foot into my mouth. Stay tuned!

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