Police arrest incoherent man in Clark High School parking lot

Police say they found drugs, weapons inside man's vehicle

Northside ISD says a 23-year-old man was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the Clark High School parking lot after speaking incoherently and acting in a peculiar way.

School officials said parents and students who were leaving at a baseball game that something was wrong with him. Police were called and immediately showed up.

Once police arrived, they said they noticed several edged weapons placed on the ground around the man's vehicle. There were also other items, including numerous photos of an unknown 5-year-old girl, ceramic strike plates, two sets of body armor, articles of clothing, bedding and electronics.

The officer said when he knelt to the ground on one knee, the man called the officer an "Avenger."

Police began questioning the man, detecting a faint odor of marijuana emitting from his clothing. The man told police he had a "little bit of weed." After police searched through his belongings, they found a cellophane bag with a green, leafy substance inside, which tested positive for THC.

As police continued to question the man, officers said his speech was "irrational," quoting Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and a zombie apocalypse. Police said the man also wanted to build a theme park like Disney Land but with zombies.

The man said he was "donated" prescribed medication, but refused to take it. Police said the man became paranoid, thinking someone was going to find him.

After questioning the man, police said they arrested him and took him to the hospital, as they believed he was paranoid and a danger to himself and others because of his behavior. No threats were made at the school by the man, said school officials.

School officials said there is no known association between him and the school.