Man's best friend performs at rodeo

'Dock Dogs' a huge hit


"Dock Dogs" -- dogs running on a raised platform and jumping into a pool of water -- is the newest animal attraction at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and one word has been used to describe it: amazing.

"To see the dogs out there jumping and leaping, it's amazing," said Susan Phillips, a dock dog admirer.

There are three different events: "‘Big Air," where the dogs leap for distance; the "Speed Retrieve," where the dogs race to the end of the pool; and "Extreme Vertical," where the dogs leap high up in the air for a toy.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes have taken the leap, from a Boston terrier to a Great Dane.

Some dogs have more experience than others.

"He likes it, but Marlo has a mind of his own. He'll do it or he won't. They are just like kids," said Emily Forsyth, owner of Marlo, a Dock Dog.

Jezabel is trained by a professional trainer and feeds off the crowd.

"The crowd builds her up, she hears them screaming (and) that's when she gets excited," said Troy Pfeifer, owner of Jezabel.

That's what it is all about, the owners say: the crowds and the fun.

"These are some of the biggest crowds we have ever had," said Brendon Wood, with Dock Dogs.

"Whether he wins or loses, they don't care as long as they are having fun," said Forsyth, referring to her dog.