Famed Travis Letter arrives at Alamo


The famous "Victory or Death" letter written by Lt. Col. William Barret Travis is back at the Alamo.

The letter arrived about 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

This is the first time the letter has returned to the Alamo grounds since it left with a courier on horseback in 1836.

"I'm extremely glad that it's able to rest here," said Denton County Sheriff William Travis, an ancestor of William Barret Travis. "So people can see that letter because it was one of the  most historic letters written in the state of Texas"

On Friday, hundreds of people crowded the Alamo grounds to welcome back the letter as an honor guard of living history re-enactors and Alamo Rangers carried the historic letter to the Alamo.

Travis read his forefather's letter during the procession.

"I am extremely proud to be doing this, to be representing my family, extremely honored to be here doing this," said Travis. "He was a fifth-generation uncle. I just can't tell you how neat that is."

However, for many spectators, Friday's ceremony was more about the 189 men that sacrificed their lives for freedom and about the man that wrote that famous letter.

"I've studied Travis all my life," said Joan Headly, with the Daughters of the Republic. "He's the hero that I've always been partial to. In fact, my son is named for him. So I'm excited to be here."

The letter will be housed in a custom-made, climate-controlled and bullet proof case.

The letter will be open for public display starting Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It will remain on display until March 7.

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