Mother pushes son out of way as car veered towards them

Olivia Saenz has broken left arm, broken left leg; 9-year-old son not injured

A San Antonio mother is going through a painful and difficult recovery after getting hit by a vehicle.

Olivia Saenz, 34, said she was walking her 9-year-old son to the bus stop on Highway 181 near Max Road, when the driver of a PT Cruiser veered off the highway, in their direction.

"She just so happened to notice that something was coming at her, and she pushed her son out of the way and was hit by the car," said Saenz's longtime friend, Andrea Rivera. "She has a broken left arm and a broken left leg that she had to have surgery on. She has to be off her leg for 12 weeks."

The bus was stopped with its flashers on, and the stop sign out. Saenz's son was not injured.

"It's just straight common sense to pay attention to what is going on around you, not just with children on or around a school bus, just anywhere," said Rivera.

Because Saenz will not be able to work during her recovery, friends and family are coordinating a BBQ plate fundraiser, and have opened an account to accept donations.

The BBQ fundraiser for Oliva Saenz will take place on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Gonzales Ice House, located at 900 S. Hackberry.

Donations can also be accepted for the Olivia Saenz Benefit Fund at Firstmark Credit Union using account number 681199.

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