2 cars stuck on railroad tracks in separate incidents

1 driver blames unfamiliar territory, other driver arrested on drunken driving charge


Two different drivers made a wrong turn onto railroad tracks in different parts of San Antonio within a few hours of each other.

One blamed unfamiliar territory and escaped injury before a train crashed into their car; the other driver was arrested on a drunken driving charge.

In the first incident, a train hit a car near the northbound access road of Interstate 35 and AT&T Center Parkway. It happened before 4:30 a.m.

There were two people in the car, but they had time to bail before their car was struck by the train.

"He thought that the railroad tracks were a turnaround, proceeded to turn on the tracks, (then) high-centered about five feet off the access road and got stuck," said San Antonio police Sgt. Patrick Day.

The driver saw the train coming, and the train engineer saw the car, Day said, but there wasn't time to stop. The train pushed the car about 100 feet down the tracks, from near the northbound frontage road to the southbound side of the road.

"The conductor said that one of the individuals looked like he wanted to run back to the vehicle. I don't know whether (he wanted) to get property out or to try to move it, but thank goodness they turned around and decided not to do that," Day said.

Other incident ends with drunken driving arrest

Another driver made a similar mistake Sunday night, but police said alcohol -- and not unfamiliarity with the area -- caused his confusion.

Police said the driver was headed west on Cincinnati around 10:45 p.m., and thought he was taking an entrance ramp to Interstate 10.

Instead, he ended up driving onto the tracks, where he got stuck.

Police said his car didn't get hit, and he wasn't hurt, but he was arrested on a charge of suspicion of DWI.

It took crews about an hour to clear the tracks.

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