Police: Jealousy fueled fight that led to sword stabbing

Christopher Shows, 33, charged with murder

Christopher Shows, 33, was charged with murder in connection with a fatal sword attack.
Christopher Shows, 33, was charged with murder in connection with a fatal sword attack.

Jealousy appears to be what triggered a dispute between two men that ended with one being stabbed in the chest with a sword, San Antonio police said.

Roy Rosales, 30, died at his home in the 300 block of Grove Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police took three other people into custody for questioning, including Christopher Shows, 33, who ultimately was charged with his murder.

According to a police report, Shows (pictured) had become jealous when he saw Rosales dancing with his girlfriend.

The jealousy then led to a dispute between the two men, the report said.

Fabian Groff said he and those two men were roommates, and that he heard them arguing loudly.

A short time later, he said Rosales knocked on his bedroom door, badly hurt and asking for help.

"I opened the door and he asked me to call 911. Blood was squirting out of his chest and he died soon after," Groff said. "It's really sad. They were both good guys."

Groff said the argument began during a barbecue where both of his roommates had been drinking. He said he decided to go to bed when they began arguing.

Hours after the murder, police removed the two-and-a-half-feet long saber-type weapon from the home and took it into custody as evidence.

Groff said, ironically, he had given the sword to Shows as a gift some time ago.

"I didn't want it so I gave it to him," he said. "I never, ever thought anything like that would happen."

Police also took as evidence a wooden door, with a mural painted on it, from the home.

The door, according to Groff, came from Shows' bedroom.

The police report stated that during questioning, Shows and his girlfriend both told detectives that Rosales had kicked in his bedroom door, causing him to feel threatened.

However, detectives found no apparent damage to the door, the police report stated.

They also said Shows changed his story several times, the police report stated.

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