High winds mean lots of work for repair crews

Downed trees, missing shingles a common problem


Monday's high winds caused quite a bit of damage throughout San Antonio, which created more business for repair crews and roofing companies.

"We're getting an overwhelming amount of calls," said Ronnie Suarez, owner of Integrity Roofing Windows & Siding. "In fact, we've gotten 50-plus calls above our normal amount of calls that come in."

The most common problem, Suarez says, is shingles missing from rooftops.

"A lot of them are saying that they opened the door this morning and they've got shingles everywhere," he said. "Shingles in their driveway, shingles all along their lawn."

It's a problem Johnson Oshana is now familiar with.

The wind ripped dozens of shingles off of his home on Pasadena Street, tossing many of them into his driveway on the opposite side of the house.

"Even some chairs outside, they flew to the other side," Oshana said. "It was really scary. I was thinking the big trees back there were going to fall on our house, on top of our house."

Meanwhile, Monday's wind flattened part of a home that was under construction on Stately Oaks on the far north side of San Antonio.

Crews with the city of San Antonio Public Works Department also spent part of Tuesday estimating damage and making any repairs needed to street lights or removing debris from public areas.