3 accused in kidnapping, robbery

L to R: Joshua Rodriguez, Michael Martinez, Sergio Castillo
L to R: Joshua Rodriguez, Michael Martinez, Sergio Castillo

Three men have been accused of kidnapping another man, driving him around for hours, then beating him and forcing him to withdraw money from several ATMs and a payday loan place.

San Antonio police said on March 17, the 41-year-old victim met the suspects, Joshua Rodriguez, Michael Martinez and Sergio Castillo, at Martinez's apartment in the 300 block of W. Cheryl when he went to retrieve his car from his niece.

The man told police investigators he decided to stay a while and drink beer with the three men. Later, he said, they went to a Jack in the Box restaurant in his car, then back to the apartment, where they began beating him.

He said starting around 11 p.m., they drove him around for about for hours, forcing him to go to several ATMs and withdraw money. They held him until the next morning and then made him go to a payday loan place to get more money.

After they let him go, the man walked to a hospital.

His name has not been released and it's unclear what charges the three suspects are facing.