Luxury serving up casual fare

Customers say long wait worth it


Friday night, temperatures in the mid 70s and a cool breeze blowing. The perfect night for The Luxury, Chef Andrew Weissman's newest venture in San Antonio.

"I think it's excellent," said John White who stopped in with his wife, daughters and mother. "It's a little warm for March but it's great food and drink and down by the river is excellent."

"You can't beat this atmosphere and the crowd is so chill and laid back," added Southtown resident Debbie Silliman. "It's the perfect way to spend a Friday night."

Situated on the east bank of the San Antonio River along the Museum Reach extension, The Luxury is an obvious play on words to Weissman's other dining ventures including Le Reve (now closed) and his two restaurants at Pearl Bewery, Il Sogno and Sandbar.

"People would think it'd be high end when in fact it's more like I consider it kind of like a community living room where people just come and hang out with their kids, their dogs, just have a good time," said Weissman during a brief break from the kitchen, where he's been nightly since opening three weeks ago.

The restaurant uses cargo containers for the kitchen, beer and wine service and bathrooms and has plenty of re-purposed materials for the seating and shade. The menu consists of sandwiches and salads with fries and a few desserts, with every sandwich and salad made to order. The wine list rivals those of his other restaurants and there are plenty of beer offerings.

"I love the location," said Annette Crawford, who lives nearby. "Very relaxed, family friendly."

"This place is so laid back and relaxed and the prices are pretty decent," said Silliman. "And the art, I love all the art. It's just more unique than some of the chain restaurants."

Weissman had hoped to have a slow first few days to get his staff used to the new place, but news of opening day at the end of February spread through social media.

"I'm shocked to be honest," said Weissman. "I thought we were going to open up and people would trickle through here but people are showing up."

The restaurant is closed Mondays and opens at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday and at 12:30 on Sundays. There are also bocce courts and horseshoe pit and the restaurant is pet friendly.  

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