Push to clean up Camelot II heads to statehouse

Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon filed legislation aimed at cleaning up troubled neighborhood


A new bill proposed in the Texas Legislature would allow Bexar County to mandate certain county residents to pay for weekly trash pickup, an issue certain legislators argued prevents neighborhoods from getting out from under piles of trash.

Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon filed House Bill 83, which is now pending in committee, in response to abhorrent conditions in Camelot II, a neighborhood on the northeast side of Bexar County.

Trash-filled alleys run throughout the neighborhood, as both residents and others dump garbage everywhere.

"It's kind of like a domino effect," said Representative McClendon. "When residents dump their garbage, other people looking to do the same thing see it and figure they can do it too."

State law currently prohibits counties from mandating trash pickup inside the city of San Antonio's extraterritorial jurisdiction, which includes about five miles of county land.

HB-83 would change that for Bexar County and, if passed, would force residents there to pay for weekly trash pickup, similar to people living inside city limits.

"I think it's a great idea," said Antoine McCoy, a resident of Camelot II. "What's $10 a month if it's going to clean the place up?"

McCoy does not believe, however, that the service will stop the problem overall.

"People are still going to dump in that alley, whether the government does anything or not," said McCoy. "They need to tear it down and make it a park."

McClendon said she was optimistic her bill will make it out of the House Committee on Environmental Regulation, where it's currently pending.

She said she was concerned, however, that it wouldn't make it to the floor for a full House vote.

McClendon said she feared lobbyists would push to kill the bill before it could be voted on.

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