KSAT 12 Editorial: Term limits for statewide offices needed


SAN ANTONIO – Recently, the Texas Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure to let voters decide whether to limit statewide legislators to two consecutive terms only.

It effects positions including the governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller, land commissioner and railroad commissioners.

If passed, the proposal means those elected officials could serve up to eight consecutive years in the same office.

It doesn't cover current officeholders, so those politicians could run for up to two more terms.

But, it's still an important measure for a number of reasons.

It could encourage more open seats, allow a more competitive process and generate more new ideas, which are all good for Texans.

The House has to approve the measure, then voters would have to approve it as well.

When term limits do come to the polls, we think it's a policy worth supporting.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.