KSAT Editorial: DNA Testing


SAN ANTONIO – Soon, it might get harder to execute people in Texas.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would require DNA testing on all crime scene evidence before prosecutors can even try to seek the death penalty.

We were surprised to hear that wasn't already mandatory.

Texas executes more people every year than any other state in the country. In fact, we outpace the second-place finisher with almost five times as many executions.

Even when you weigh those numbers per capita, Texas still comes in with the second-highest execution rate in the country.

DNA testing done after trials found that 17 death penalty sentences in the U.S. were wrong and had to be reversed in light of the evidence.

That's 17 people who could have been killed for committing no crime.

Isn't it important to get it absolutely right before sentencing somebody to die?

We hope this law passes.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.