KSAT Editorial: Permanent Alamo exhibits needed


SAN ANTONIO – Recently, The Alamo saw the return of William Travis' famous "Victory or Death" letter after 177 years.

The exhibit was so special that it brought about 25,000 visitors from all over the world to see it in just 13 days.

Some people waited for up to 5 hours just to catch a glimpse.

They also raised about $70,000 from an "Allies of the Alamo" membership program and bought a record-breaking $300,000 of merchandise at the new gift shop.

This overwhelmingly successful event underscores the good things the General Land Office is doing to restore The Alamo's potential.

The Travis letter is normally housed in Austin at the Texas State Library Archives and has since been returned.

But, we'd like to see more permanent exhibits like this to draw people back and celebrate the Alamo's rich history.

We're looking forward to building on this momentum for the long term.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.