Uvalde County under Stage 5 water rules

Users ordered to reduce pumping by 44%


For farmers in Uvalde County, it is troublesome news.

For the first time in history, the Edwards Aquifer Authority has put Stage 5 water restrictions in place.

"Stage 5 is a new category of our critical management plan," said EAA spokesperson Terri Herbold. "It means that there is a reduction of 44 percent in the annual authorized pumping by everyone that has a permit."

For three years, water use by Uvalde County farmers has been limited.

"There's a lot of producers that will not have enough water to finish out this crop under the current restrictions," said Roger Stokes, who runs the Uvalde County Farmers CO-OP.

Stokes said the impact of the new restrictions will be felt well beyond the area farming community.

The trickle-down effect will be felt throughout the county, he said.

"In a farming community like this, if the farmers don't do well, then no one does well," Stokes said.

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