Vandals shatter windows on vehicles in northwest side neighborhood

7 SUVs in Oxbow subdivision targeted


Vandals have left people in the Oxbow subdivision on the Northwest side cleaning up a costly mess—shattered glass from the back windows on their vehicles.

Lindy Dalton, vice president of the Oxbow Neighborhood Association, said at least seven vehicles, all SUVs, were targeted by someone possibly using a pellet gun.

The vandalism happened in the 11600 and 11700 blocks of Spring Rain Drive at some time before 5 a.m. Monday.

"They apparently just drove by and shot, shot, shot," Dalton said. "The SUVs are in a row, from one end of the street down to the other."

Dalton also pointed out that the perpetrators seemed to have their minds set on vandalism, rather than stealing valuables.

Nothing was taken from any of the vehicles, she said.

The mischief did, however, cause the vehicle owners to start their morning sweeping up broken glass.

Jennie Aguilar was on her way to meet friends for a morning walk, but once she got behind the wheel, she realized she'd have to put her plans on hold.

"When I closed the door after I was already inside the car, I heard the crash and turned around and saw the big hole in the windshield," Aguilar said.

"They were just joyriding, being mischievous when they should've been in bed," she said. "Making people put out all this expense for their ridiculous antics."

Pablo Biennuevo, who wasted no time in covering his broken window with plastic, estimated the repairs could cost about $500.

But while the criminals may have broken their windows, the neighbors say they haven't broken their spirits.

Instead, some, like Dalton, said this has brought them all together.

"Vandals, be on alert. Oxbow is not going to put up with this. We're continuing to work as a neighborhood to watch after each other," Dalton said.

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