San Antonio woman celebrates 110th birthday

Linnie Thuesen rode in a covered wagon as a little girl


A San Antonio woman is celebrating a 110 years and, of course, she got a party.

The folks at the Golden Casa Assisted Living Center celebrated Linnie Thuesen's birthday on Thursday afternoon.

"I'm 110 years old today," said Thuesen.

Thuesen's statement is something that many people don't get to say.

However, Thuesen has been telling everyone it's her 110th birthday and she's proud of it.

"She's been talking about it for 30 days," said Diana Dygert, owner and administrator of Golden Casa Assisted Living. "She said, 'I'm going to have a birthday. I'll be 110.' She says that to everybody that comes in the house, whether it's a delivery man or a nurse or whoever is visiting."

Guests at Thuesen's party included members of her church, her children, some of her grandchildren and even her little sister, who is 94 years old.

"Well, I'm really surprised," said Thuesen. "I knew there'd be something for my birthday, but I didn't think there'd be all of this."

And being around for a 110 years, Thuesen has a lot of stories to share. She has traveled the world, she rode a covered wagon as a young girl, she has six children and she's still on the go.

"She's very active at 110," said Joann Cuevas, Thuesen's daughter. "Her mind is still very alert, she keeps up with the news, and she's just a fun person to this day."

Cuevas also said that every birthday is a big deal for Thuesen, especially this year.

"I don't have many years left," said Thuesen. "But I'll remember this for the rest of my life."

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