Letter from Board President Ed Garza

Following is a letter from Board President Ed Garza sent to SAISD employees:



SAISD Community:


After nine months of searching, the SAISD board at the Monday April 8th board meeting, voted unanimously (7-0) on naming Dr. Manuel Isquierdo a finalist for the Superintendent position.  However, before a final decision was to be made, the board felt it important to seek citizen input and allow for public vetting of the candidate. Over the past week, several media outlets reported on the candidate and background information, with some of the information previously known by the board and some not known. 


Dr. Isquierdo visited San Antonio for the day on Thursday to present his experience, vision and qualifications, as well as answer questions from the media.  After returning home and consulting with his family, Dr. Isquierdo chose to withdraw his name as finalist. He alerted me of this decision at 2:30 this afternoon, saying that he believed this was in the best interest of all parties involved. 


SAISD is fortunate to have a strong interim leader in Dr. Sylvester Perez.  Under his leadership, I am confident the district will finish the school year strong and begin preparation for next year.  I commend each of you for staying true to our mission during the process and committed to National Model standards by your actions. 


Finally, please know the board will continue to work diligently on the selection of the next leader for SAISD.  The board is committed in finding a permanent, long-term leader with the experience, character, fortitude and vision to transform SAISD into a National Model Urban School District. 




Ed Garza

SAISD Board President