Madison High School choir to sing backup for Foreigner

Madison Avenue will also compete in New York City later this month


SAN ANTONIO – The Madison High School Choir is taking the main stage on Monday night, singing backup for the classic rock band Foreigner at the Majestic Theatre.

The students weren't around in the 80s when Foreigner was at the height of their fame, but they know the music.

"Being on stage at the Majestic and getting to be surrounded by professionals like that, people that are famous, it's just so surreal," said Garret Henry, a member of Madison Avenue, the A Capella group from Madison High School.

Madison Avenue has transformed themselves from a traditional high school choir to a contemporary A Capella group.

They entered a local radio contest and won the chance to sing backup for Foreigner and were also selected to compete in the International Championship of High School A Capella in New York City on April 19.

"It's been probably the most fun I've  had teaching music in a long time," said Edie Cooksey, Madison High School Choir Instructor. "The kids are actually creating their own arrangements. So, they are actually creating music, not just reading what somebody else is giving them."

The group will get $500 to sing backup for Foreigner. They plan to use the money for their upcoming trip to New York City.

"I'm so excited because we get to go to New York," said Sara Billingsley, a member of of Madison Avenue. "And, it's just been really fun to put all this new music together and work together on something that's fresh and new to all of us."

Madison Avenue will compete in New York City on Friday, April 19. They were one of eleven schools selected for the finals of the competition.

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