Nothing found after elementary gun threat

Krueger Elementary locked down on Tuesday after report of person with gun near campus


Concerned homeowners in a subdivision surrounding an Northside Independent School District elementary school called police Tuesday after they thought they saw a man with a gun running through the streets.

NISD police said they received several calls about a young man carrying an assault rifle, and locked down the elementary school as a precaution.

They investigated, but did not find any evidence of a threat.

Video obtained by KSAT 12 from a home security shows what appears to be a young man running with something in his hands, although it was unclear what the object was.

It did, however, resemble a gun, which prompted the residents to call police in the first place.

NISD said it was a good example of parents playing an active role in student safety.

"Even if it's not a threat in reality, we want to get those calls, because you can never be too safe," said Pascual Gonzalez, NISD spokesman. "We live in a different world now, and I think people are starting to realize they too can play an active role in keeping students safe."

NISD police said they thought the object the person in the video was holding was a large bag, but because they never found him, no one knew for sure what the object was.

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