San Antonio families raise puppies before guide dog training

Guide Dogs for the Blind brought four Labrador retriever puppies to foster families


Guide Dogs for the Blind, the nation's largest guide dog school, brought four Labrador retriever puppies to their foster families in the Alamo City Thursday night.

With those foster families, the 9-week-old pups will learn socialization and basic obedience.

Ted Duma and his wife will be caring for Hondo until he's about 15-months-old.

"People have to understand that the dog needs to be kept calm and quiet because he's going to be leading someone around who is blind and needing his assistance," said Duma.

Each year, 900 puppies are in need of foster families. 

Guide Dogs for the Blind hopes San Antonio will be a place these puppies can find loving homes until they enter guide dog training school.

"They don't get the same loving socialization in a kennel that they get in the homes of these families that take them in and foster them and raise puppies for us," said Sandi Alsworth, a Texas community field representative.

The cost of training and veterinary care is completely covered by Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

People interested in puppy raising are encouraged to contact Guide Dogs for the Blind at 800-295-4050 or lsgdr.satx@gmail.com.

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