Crime meeting held in Northside San Antonio

Residents air grievances to City Councilman Diego Bernal


Residents in the city's first district say they are fed up with a slew of problems affecting their neighborhoods.

Saturday afternoon, the residents aired their grievances to City Councilman Diego Bernal. The two sides are hoping to come together to make their community more peaceful.

A shooting on March 9th is the latest incident that the residents on the city's Northside, saying they've had enough with the issues effecting their community.

Residents told Bernal on Saturday that a majority of the problems stem from the bars on Broadway inside Loop 410.

"Gangs, gun violence and drugs, and we hope that increased police patrols and interdiction would help with that," said District 1 resident Ron Aaron.

"We're not wanting to shut anybody down, we just want the neighborhood to be peaceful," said Ben Garza. "If they're going to capitalize off of being in such a good location, then they need to play ball."

Bernal said after Saturday's meeting, his goal is to bring the bar owners and residents together once again.

"When the bars payed for private security, that affected the crime in the neighborhood," said Bernal. "Maybe a simple solution is going back to the bars and saying, 'Hey, why don't you guys pull together some money and pay for private security, and be a good neighbor?'"

Other issues including residential parking and a lack of sidewalks were also discussed at the meeting.

Berna said he can't fix everything, so he wants residents to decide what their most pressing needs are.

"I've got money for one issue, you've got six. Tell me which one is most important," said Bernal. "Let's take care of that and then we'll get to number two. I think that's the best way to do it."

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