Elementary students exposed to contaminated water

10-year-old accused of spraying cleaning product on water fountain

SAN ANTONIO – Nearly 20 Perales Elementary School students drank from a water fountain that had been sprayed with a chemical-based cleaning product Friday.

The product was identified as Arsenal Q.T. Plus, a hospital grade disinfectant.

It can cause eye irritation, and nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested.

The school's nursing staff and EMS crews treated the students at the school.

No one was taken to the hospital.

The parents of students who drank from the fountain were notified by school officials, but dozens of parents parents whose children did not show up at their designated bus stops arrived at the school to find several ambulances on the campus.

"Students who were brought down to the nurses office, those parents were being called," said Edgewood ISD spokesman Rolando Martinez. "On Monday, the school will be preparing a letter to parents that will give more details on what happened."

The incident was captured by school surveillance cameras, and Edgewood ISD police questioned the 10-year-old student they believe to be involved.

"We don't know how he got a hold of the spray," said Martinez. "He may have gotten it from the janitor's closet." 

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