Only 2 of 6 candidates show up for District 7, 8 meet and greet

Event was organized by group representing 5,500 homeowners


San Antonio voters in District 7 and District 8 were denied the chance to hear from the candidates vying to represent them after a majority did not show up for a meet and greet.

Hill Country Homeowners Association Management hosted the meet and greet at the Matamoros Restaurante Y Cantina Thursday night.

Organizers said the six candidates were invited to mingle with district residents and appeal for their votes.

District 7 candidates Gloria Rodriguez, Cris Medina, Michael Gonzales and Carlos Zaldivar did not show up.

Only Rolando Briones and Ron Nirenberg, both running in District 8, attended the event.

The two men used the extra floor time to hone their campaign message.

"The number one qualification that a councilman can have, that any government representative can have, is the ability to make a good judgment," said Ron Nirenberg. "We've got to make sure somebody is there who is spending the money in the right places."

"Public service is not new to me," said Rolando Briones. "I started serving this community, this district, about 10 years ago."

District 7 voter Juanita Thomas was angered by the absence of the candidates competing for her vote.,

She stayed at the event because council members from every district decide how her tax dollars are spent.

"We all work hard for our money and we need to know where those dollars are going to go," Thomas said. "It feels good to be able to have some sort of input."

For District 8 voter John Yoggerst, the chance to hear Briones and Nirenberg speak on a variety of issues allowed him to solidify his choice come election night.

"I think that one of the two candidates has some specific points that he covered. The other one is a little broader brush type deal and I don't think that's what we need," Yoggerst said.

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