Four family members reported killed by wrong way driver

Brackettville sisters among those killed by suspected drunk driver


Two teenage Brackettville sisters are dead and their parents reported killed by a suspected drunk driver.

Police say the family drove west on Hwy 90 near 1604 just before midnight when a man they say was driving drunk came the wrong way on the highway and hit them.

Sixty year-old Ruben Galindo is now charged with four counts of intoxication assault.

Police say Galindo drove a big rig into the family's car, ejecting them.

Three of the victims died immediately and a fourth died in an ambulance.

The dead girls are identified as Madison and Marley Ann Koontz. Police sources tell KSAT 12 News the other victims are their father Kenneth Koontz and mother Melissa Koontz.

A younger brother Zachary was injured and is now at University Hospital.