San Antonio Zoo celebrates Fiesta

Animals given treats hidden in pinatas


The Fiesta celebration is 10 days of parties and parades for people and visitors from all over San Antonio and South Texas.

Not to be left out are the animals at the San Antonio Zoo.

On Thursday, zoo-keepers delivered piñatas full of treats for various animals like Lucky the elephant.

Lucky's piñata was a big box covered in bright colors. When she ripped it off the rail and tore it open, treats of alfalfa and coastal hay and carrots and corn fell out.

"It's bright and colorful just like Fiesta is and the animals really like to rip things apart tear things up," said zoo-keeper Lyssa Macmillan.

"He just got his trunk and wrapped it around and just squished it," said one young on-looker.

While Lucky was enjoying hay and vegetables, other animals also had a piñata of treats.

Porcupines were ripping open a box full of hackberry limbs and leaves.

Daine, a fossa from Madagascar, was king of the jungle for a moment, bringing down a piñata made to look like a lion.

Inside was a treat of dead mice, just what the fossa ordered. As she wrestled with the piñata to get to the treats, onlookers watched in amazement. 

"People love to see the animals active ,especially an animal like this that is nocturnal," Macmillan said.

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