Clean-up begins after Battle of Flowers parade

Volunteers clean up trash on Broadway


The Battle of Flowers Parade wrapped up Friday afternoon and while most of the crowds have cleared downtown, a lot of people stuck around for the clean-up.

Carol Zaragosa, who came out for the parade, said judging from the way Broadway looked after Friday's parade, there was a lot of work to do.

"Thank God they handed out all this recycling bags this year," said Zaragosa. "They even put trashcans out, so that will help out a lot."

There were a lot of people out Friday helping out, from parade-goers to youth groups, lots of volunteers and even some elementary school students.

"We've been collecting water bottles and aluminum cans," said John Blough, a 5th-grade student with Elementary Eco-friends. "We have a recycling contest nationwide that we won last year."

"We're going to pick up all the chairs and clean up all the trash," said Abby Efron, a volunteer.

Volunteers said Friday with all the help, everything should be clean for Saturday's Fiesta Flambeau Night parade.

The 65th annual parade kicks off at 7 p.m.

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