Clean-up planned for neighborhood dump site

Trash-plagued Camelot II neighborhood set for major clean-up


Saturday can't come quick enough for some people who live in the Camelot II neighborhood, a community outside the San Antonio city limits that has been used as a dump site by some people.

A group called "The Big Homie Inc." is leading a volunteer effort to clean up the years' worth of furniture, tires, firewood and other household trash that has been dumped in an alley behind the 6800 block of Oldham Drive.

The group has conducted smaller clean-ups in the area in recent months.

On Saturday morning, volunteers plan to target the mounds of trash, along with bigger items like furniture.

According to Micheaux Braddy, director and vice president of the group, they'll have the use of heavy equipment, made possible by Bexar County and a private company.

"Once we get this cleaned up, it should be easier to pinpoint who's dumping, and easier to keep the area clean," Braddy said, by phone. "It should make it easier to maintain a cleaner environment."

Melissa Sellers, who recently moved into a home in front of that alley, welcomes that sort of change.

"It's ridiculous," Sellers said, referring to the huge pile of trash. "All the stray dogs and stuff that run around here don't help."

Sellers, a mother of two young children, said she will help in any way she's able.

Robert Young, meanwhile, said he already has been doing his part to try to keep the area clean.

"I sweep this area behind my home once or twice a week, and every time I come back here and sweep this, it gets worse and worse," Young said.

He admits, though, that on occasion, he has contributed to the problem.

Young quickly pointed out a sofa that he once deposited onto the pile.

"I had to throw it somewhere," he said.

Like Young, others said they have no choice but to use the alley as a dumping ground.

The neighborhood, located in Northeast Bexar County near San Antonio, Converse and Windcrest, is considered an "extraterritorial jurisdiction," which means it's outside the jurisdiction of any of those local governments.

Recently, Texas Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon introduced legislation that would allow the county or a municipality to handle waste management there.

However, HB-83 is still under the consideration of a House committee.

Braddy said his group wants to help now.

He said more volunteers are still needed for the Saturday clean-up.

Anyone who wants to help should meet in the alley behind the 6800 block of Oldham Drive at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 27.

Braddy said people interested in volunteering can also call him at 210-326-9288 for more information.

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