Site ranks San Antonio in top allergy appointments

ZocDoc.com ranks the Alamo City at No. 9.


A website that helps patients find doctors has ranked San Antonio in the top 10 for cities with most allergy appointments booked.

ZocDoc.com ranks the Alamo City at No. 9.

KSAT 12 Meteorologist Justin Horne says San Antonio -- and South Texas in general -- is notorious for having having high pollen counts for such allergens as Mountain Cedar, ragweed, oak, mold and other grasses.

Another Texas city, Austin, comes in at No. 2, behind only Portland, Ore.

Here is the top 10 list of cities with the most allergy appointments:

  • Portland (28.2% higher than Austin)
  • Austin (0.2% higher than Philly)
  • Philadelphia (6.9% higher than Los Angeles)
  • Los Angeles (10.2% higher than OC)
  • OC (0.7% higher than Long Island)
  • Long Island (5.3% higher than Phoenix)
  • Phoenix (9.1% higher than DC)
  • DC (30.7% higher than San Antonio)
  • San Antonio (0.3% higher than NYC)
  • New York City