World War II vets get special Washington DC tour

Alamo Honor Flight takes vets on memorial tour


Members of the "Greatest Generation" took off from San Antonio to Washington D.C. Friday for a special three-day tour.

"They call us the Greatest Generation and we are honored by that title," said Don Martin, on his second Alamo Honor Flight trip.

"Of course, it's always important to remember those that served this great nation before us," said Tracey Huff, president of Alamo Honor Flights.

The organization sent 39 WWII veterans to D.C. so they can get a tour of the monuments and memorials erected in their honor.

"It's the weekend of a life-time," said Martin.

When the vets arrived at the airport to board their flight, they were greeted with rousing applause from on-lookers.

"I think it's fantastic. I can't believe it," said Joe Glawson, a WWII vet taking the trip.

This will be the eighth trip to D.C. for the Alamo Honor Flight.

Each veteran will be accompanied by a volunteer guardian to help take care of some basic needs so the vet can relax and enjoy the trip.

"It's amazing (and) unexpected and I don't know what to say," said vet Albert Mushaud.

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