Editorial: Joske's building project


SAN ANTONIO – Developers want to invest in new construction at the old Joske's building downtown, which could really use some revitalization.

It's too bad some want to stand in the way of progress.

The historic Joske's building is near the convention center, Riverwalk and Alamo, which seems like a sensible spot for a quality hotel, timeshare and retail space.

Only, it's a little too close to the Alamo for some people's comfort.

Twenty-three stories of glass and steel on top of a historic building might not look right to some. But the reality is that big cities have tall buildings. And, we should be able to preserve history and encourage growth all at the same time.

We think the ragged carnival of establishments across from the Alamo are far more disrespectful and inappropriate than this project could ever be.

Evoking the sanctity of the Alamo is a familiar battle cry in this town, but complaining about this Joske's project sounds more like crying wolf.

I'm Phil Lane, Let us know what you think.