Burglar caught on camera ransacking San Antonio electronic stores

Cell phones, computers, gaming systems stolen


SAN ANTONIO – A brazen burglar was caught on surveillance cameras ransacking and stealing electronic items from two west San Antonio stores.

The break in happened early Wednesday morning at two neighboring stores in the 8000 block of Culebra.

Surveillance cameras caught a man on tape not only smashing the glass of the front door of the store, but display cases inside.

"He had time to do what he needed to do. I've never seen him before but the video is pretty clear somebody has had to see him out there," said the store's owner, Virgil Garcia.

Garcia owns both Leyva's Cell Shop and The 1 Stop Game Shop and he can't believe just how brazen and cavalier the bad guy was inside.

"He was in here 4 minutes. Regardless if the alarms were going off that was plenty enough time for him to grab what he needed to grab and run with it ," said Garcia.

The owner said the burglar got in through the front door by just smashing the glass.

He said the security alarm didn't go off because the door never opened.

Garcia is frustrated, the burglar not only got away with cell phones, Mac computers, and gaming systems, but also some of his customers belongings.

"If anybody sees him it would help us greatly get a hold of us and we'll take care of this problem," said Garcia.

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