Congressman Pete Gallego addresses local, national issues

Gallego addressed topics at the Annual State of the District Address Luncheon


SAN ANTONIO – On Thursday, the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce held its annual State of the District Address Luncheon.

Texas Rep. Pete Gallego addressed what the future of the south side of San Antonio could look like.

But local issues weren't the only thing on his mind. He also addressed national topics such as immigration reform.

He said that now is the time to leave party politics behind.

"The challenge is to make something that's good public policy for the country as a whole," said Gallego. "(And) to leave behind those partisan interests."

He also weighed in on the sequester, saying that it was a "horrible policy" that he hopes will be addressed during the budget policy.

Some other issues he talked about included making Congress more efficient and finding solutions to water shortages that are hitting Texas.

Gallego said he hopes that more policies on immigration reform will be seen by the end of the summer.