San Antonio police: Man posed as officer to get woman into car

SAPD: Branden McGarity told woman she was under arrest for drunk driving

SAN ANTONIO – Branden McGarity, 30, is charged with attempted sexual assault after San Antonio police say he impersonated an officer to get a woman into his car.

The alleged incident happened just after midnight on April 27, at an intersection on the city's northwest side. SAPD spokesperson, Sandy Gutierrez, did not give a specific location.

Investigators say McGarity approached the 23-year-old victim as she was sitting in her car at a stop light.

McGarity allegedly told her he was an officer and that she was under arrest for driving drunk and needed to come with him.

McGarity was driving a two-tone Crown Victoria that night, which a lot of people associate with officers.

Police say he was not wearing a uniform but had some kind of badge. McGarity was determined to be active with the Military Police and used his position to coerce the victim to perform a sex act, Gutierrez said.

"So she believed he was a police officer. She went into his car," said Guterrez. "He was seen going into a convenience store where he told the clerk he was an officer and that he was going to take her in his car and he was going to leave her car there."

Investigators say the clerk didn't buy that story and called 911.

Police allege McGarity tried to sexually assault the woman while she was in his car. She was able to get away.

Gutierrez said police believe this may not be the first time McGarity has impersonated an officer, and that he may have more victims out there.

For now, McGarity is charged with attempted sexual assault, but police could look at additional charges of impersonating an officer.

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