6 candidates running for city office have criminal records

Candidates for Mayor, Districts 2, 6, others have been charged with various crimes

SAN ANTONIO – Several men running for several different municipal seats in San Antonio have criminal records, KSAT 12 News has learned.

District 2 candidate Antonio Diaz had the longest record of the six, with 10 charges being levied against him since 1976.

They are listed here:

  • 1976 - Unlawful carrying weapon/ fined

  • 1977 - DWI charged reduced to drunkenness/

  • 1980 - Burglary with intent theft/ probation

  • 1981 - Reckless conduct/ sentenced & fined

  • 1982 - Assault w/ bodily injury/ probation

  • 1986 - Aggravated assault w/ serious bodily injury/dismissed

  • 1988 - Unlawful carrying weapon/ dismissed

  • 1990 - Possession marijuana 0-2 ounces/ dismissed

  • 1990 - Reckless conduct/ dismissed

  • 2009 - Obstruction passageway/roadway/ dismissed

Half of the charges were dismissed, although among the remaining charges, two are felonies.

"I used to drink a lot in my life, and that led me to do many of those things," said Diaz, who said he does not hide from his past. "But I've been sober for over 20 years and now I want to be a helpful, contributing member of society."

Norris Darden, another candidate in District 2, also has a record. Since 2006, he's received two drunken driving charges.

"I've been able to learn from those, however, and really now know that that's not right and I won't repeat those actions ever again," said Darden.

Hector Medina, another candidate for District 2, was charged with assault with bodily injury in 2006. He did not respond to requests for comment.

District 6 candidate Steve Shamblen has three major charges on his record, including theft of a vehicle in 1981, burglary of a coin-operated machine and possession, although the latter two were dismissed.

"Since then, I have served out my sentence, rehabilitated myself, got a family, received a good education, and haven't broken the law since," said Shamblen.

Mayoral candidate Sergio Falcon was charged with using a false identification in 2003, but that charge was dropped.

You can read his full statement in response to the charge here.

Rhett Smith, another mayoral candidate, was arrested in 2000 for evading arrest. Those charges were later dropped.

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