House hit by vehicles twice in 4 years

SA couple wants city to erect barrier on Larkspur


SAN ANTONIO – A house that backs onto Larkspur near Braesview has now been hit by vehicles twice in four years, according to Andrew and Jessica Edwards, the couple who lives there.

As a result, the Edwards said they want to have some sort of barrier along Larkspur.

"We'll approach the city to see if we can get some sort of barrier put in place to protect us from it happening again or somebody else in the neighborhood," Andrew Edwards said.

About 2 a.m. Friday, they awoke to a loud crash and the sound of car engine revving. A white Mustang had to be pulled out of their house, after it plowed through their back fence and into their bedroom.

"It's horrifying. It's jarring because all of a sudden, part of your home is destroyed," he said.

His wife said, "I awoke to my husband yelling at the guy."

Edwards said the driver later was "somewhat apologetic" claiming a vehicle had hit his car from behind, causing him to lose control.

San Antonio police report although they didn't find any damage on the vehicle, they did not charge the driver who officers said passed a field sobriety test.

Edwards said at least the driver overnight stuck around unlike the first driver in 2009.

"He took responsibility after we were able to track him down," Edwards said.

The couple said they used his license plate to find that driver.

They said both drivers were traveling in the opposite lane but then veered across Larkspur and into their fence.

"Hopefully, it's not a larger vehicle next time that hops the curb and goes into somebody's bedroom," Edwards said.

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