Passenger bus causes chain-reaction wreck near San Antonio

Crash happened at I-35 & Luckey Road, bus transporting people to Eagle Pass casino


SAN ANTONIO – A tour bus driver is believed to be at fault in a crash on Interstate 35 in Southwest Bexar County that sent three people to a hospital, according to an accident investigator with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

The crash happened around 8 a.m. Friday on I-35 South.

The bus was carrying about 30 passengers on a gambling trip from San Antonio to Eagle Pass when it crashed near Luckey Road.

Sgt. E. M. Conger with the sheriff's office said the bus, owned by Leo's Tours, caused a chain reaction crash, involving two other vehicles, a construction company's utility truck and an SUV.

He said he was not sure which vehicle the bus impacted first, but it happened after traffic slowed down suddenly.

"(The bus) didn't slow up in time," Conger said. "It wound up running into the rear end of a car. And we had an accordion effect. That car was pushed into another car."

"He was clipping along pretty good," he said. "So I can't say if he was up to the 70 mile-an-hour speed."

No one on the bus was seriously hurt, but as many as three people in the other vehicles went to a hospital for treatment, Conger said.

"There's no life-threatening injuries from anybody whatsoever," he said.

After the crash, most of the bus passengers boarded another bus and continued on their trip.

Conger said troopers with the Department of Public Safety will be examining the bus involved in the crash to determine if there was any sort of mechanical problem.

He said, at this time, none of the drivers involved has not been cited.

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