Two women survive train accident

Vehicle was stopped on train tracks


SAN ANTONIO – Two women narrowly escaped serious injury after their car was hit by a train Friday afternoon.

According to police, the women were stuck in the middle lane of traffic waiting for the signal to change at the intersection of South Zarzamora Street and the I-35 access road.

The rear end of their Chevy Impala was on the train tracks when the train crossing arms came down on their car.

The passenger got out of the car and ran to safety. Investigators said the driver only made it half way out of the car and hung on as the train hit the vehicle and pushed it off the tracks.

No one was hurt, but the driver was given a citation for stopping on the train tracks.

Police said the accident was preventable.

"There are crossing arms and the white line painted on the roadway, which is an indication of where you need to stop," said Sergeant Trey Roussel with the San Antonio Police Department. "If you see the crossing arm, you're stopping for the red light and traffic is backed up, stop at the white line. Just like any crosswalk, treat it the same way."

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