SAPD to use new Ford to replace Crown Victoria

New Ford Police Interceptor mid-size receives 'straight As'


SAN ANTONIO – They are so new, they don't even have their stripes and sirens yet.

The San Antonio Police Department is adding a new vehicle, a Ford, after recently buying some Chevrolets.

They insist it's not about the nameplate, but what it can do.

Officer Joel Pope is an expert at grading police recruits and police vehicles.

At the SAPD Training Academy, his classroom consists of concrete, rubber, and a lot of cones. He gives the new Ford Police Interceptor Mid-Size, straight As, and apparently the police chief agrees.

"This is the Jetsons -- the police Jetsons," said Pope. "We are moving into the future."

These new SAPD vehicles look like Ford Explorers, but they're not.

"They don't call them Explorers at all, as a matter of fact, this vehicle is nothing like the Explorer that you would to purchase at the dealership," said Pope.

Bigger brake rotors, pursuit-tuned transmissions and computer-assisted driving are all part of SAPD's newest ride.

Its technology seen on the track and in the trunk. The new Police Interceptor has aluminum posts and high impact foam that Ford promises will sustain a rear end collision at 75 miles per hour. The Ford's V-6, also provides 300 horsepower.

"Once it senses that it's in a pursuit, or it's in some kind of driving that's abnormal, not highway use, it will actually stay downshifted," said Pope. "It's a phenomenal little vehicle."

The Ford will replace the Crown Victoria, but there's really no comparison. Pope says this vehicle's performance is almost perfect.

"What sets this vehicle apart from the other police vehicles is it's absolutely geared and steered towards police driving," said Pope.

So what about the Ford versus Chevy debate?

Pope said they are different platforms, but both great vehicles with the the Tahoe a full size SUV, the Ford a mid-size.

The Ford gets better gas mileage, and for a while they will co-exist on San Antonio streets.

Expect to see the new Fords, stripes and all, this summer.

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