Officers recognized for saving newborn

Baby resuscitated after being born in bathtub

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department honored Officers Stephanie Creger and Erica Ceja for their actions early Sunday morning after they helped resuscitate a newborn delivered just minutes earlier in a bathtub.

Ceja, a two-year veteran, responded to a call for an injured or sick person just before 3 a.m. Sunday morning at a home in the 1200 block of San Fernando.

After entering and heading up the stairs, she found 25-year-old Miracle Williams in a bathtub holding a newborn girl.

Williams told Ceja the baby was not breathing and Ceja began rubbing the baby's chest which got the child moving.

At that time, Creger, a four-year veteran, cleared mucus and fluids from the baby's mouth with her fingers helping the baby begin to breathe.

EMS arrived soon after and Officer Ceja rode in the ambulance with the baby.

Monday afternoon, both officers received certificates from Chief William McManus commending them for their lifesaving actions on Mother's Day.

"Dealing with a newborn infant, trying to resuscitate an infant is a lot different and a lot scarier than dealing with an adult because they're so delicate and so fragile," said McManus. "So they did one heck of a job saving that baby."

Baby Jemiah, six pounds and 19 inches long, and mom are at a local hospital and doing fine.

Both officers declined to comment.

Miracle Williams told officers she took a bath to help with stomach pains and that her daughter was due on May 15.

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